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2011 May

Collecting data in style


I’m always looking for extra paper and never keep my data in one spot. I’ve always been too lazy (not lazy, just busy) to make my own collection sheets. But I got tired of searching for the data I collected. Recently I’ve started designing my own data collection sheets to fit my specific kids’ needs.… read more »

Get Smart


Here is my advertisement for this free DIY project. Are you tired of being around folks who use big words that leave you puzzled and confused (and quite frankly make you think they used it in the wrong context?). Do you want a fun, simple way to make your brain grow bigger? Like probably double… read more »


playing nintendo

He’s a Playstation hog. Word.



This little hobby of mine started in 2005. It came and went. I got more and more into it and spent all of my loan money from college on it trying to get a business started selling my jewelry. I put stuff up on Etsy, sold a few things. Then, I signed up for a… read more »

Birds on Twine

Birds Hanging on Twine

This might be the simplest decoration ever constructed! First, choose your paper. I made this decoration for a baby shower and copied the bedding. You can either use a cricut (like I did) or find a stencil or find a template of what you want to cut out online, print it, cut it out and… read more »

Bucket List

For now, my must do list in life is a little short; however, it seems complicated to me! I have a feeling none of these will happen in a year or two or three, but I need them noted somewhere so that I can hold myself accountable.   1. Start a blog and stay dedicated… read more »

Creative Token Economies


What is my ideal therapy session? One where a child will happily sit through a drill session listening, laughing, trying his best, and producing his target sound 5,000 times. However, 100% of the time, this does not happen. Just as much as our child wants to have fun, we want to have fun. So, why… read more »

Articulation Activities

Child: I fotted. Clinician: That has an /r/ in it. Child: I farrrrted. On purrrrpose. Warming up: Auditory bombardment Read a list of words that contain the target sound to the child and have him/her listen, or you can pre-record the words on an audio recorder and have the child listen with headphones. Review location/placement… read more »

The Three Stooges

porter rigby bandit

First, there was adoption. Then, a rescue. Finally, a too good to pass up, once in a lifetime, best deal ever purchase. Meet Porter, Bandit, and Rigby!   Porter, the Yorkinese (have you figured out the parents yet?) started out as this gal’s mom’s pup. Yorkies have always been a popular pooch in our family.… read more »

State your nature

home sweet home

This little ol’ hobby started with a camera and some wilderness. My man and I started taking pictures of things out and about that looked somewhat like letters. Some letters are way difficult to find, a.k.a the letter Q. We got really into it, and focused much of our time prettying up the letters and… read more »

302 Found

302 Found