powder room makeover


We recently finished a full project, the “powder room”. I’m not sure what else to call it. That was it’s given name on the flyer we found when searching for homes. Here is what it looked like before… Please excuse the Ugliness that are these pictures. With no natural lighting and a girl who hasn’t… read more »

a good challenge

I love me a good challenge, and I got an email today from my friend Elizabeth. The content of the email said, “Can you gal of all trades this?” I thought I was about to get a challenge, needless to say, I like that she verbed the name out! I clicked on the link and…….… read more »

storage for binders

binder storage

Sometimes you just might need a little extra storage in your binders! If you use PECS as a communication mode for your child, and you have other disciplines treating the same child, you could create folders such as this to keep up with pictures for specific disciplines/activities. Hey, you might even be an extreme coupon-er… read more »

rhyme time

Here’s a small list you can use with your kids when working on phonological awareness, specifically rhyming. Read off 3 or 4 of the words on each row (making sure that if you only read three of them, two of the three rhyme) and have the child give you the two words that rhyme. This… read more »

Growin’ up & movin’ out


Little P, not so little anymore, is being released this weekend! Her ears are bigger, her tail is longer, and she STINKS something seriously. She’s leaving us a littler earlier than planned, but she’s ready!       Can you remember how small she used to be? The end.

Honeymoon-Grand Cayman Style


On August 3rd (5 months after our wedding), Troy and I boarded a plane and headed to Grand Cayman, a place with over “50,000 people, a beach 5.5 miles long, no river, over 400 banks, more than 90 churches, 2 prisons, 7 traffic lights, 1 bridge, and many, many…chickens!”  -E. and H. Paschalides We stayed… read more »

halloween dogs


Bless their hearts The End.