a vacation in Colorado

Welcome to our second annual trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado. This is a magnificent, beautiful, perfect place to vacation. If you choose the time just right, you’ll be able to have weather like no other while enjoying aspen leaves changing to gold. This year, we missed it by about a week or two. But the trees and mountains were still awesome.

Here are a few scenery pictures:

My man… He loves holding hands.

Just hanging out on a rock.

Three years ago, our dear friends Rebekah and Marcus stayed at the Osprey. They enjoyed it so much, we tagged along last year, and we enjoyed it so much we all decided to come back and bring Kristin and Seth. I think this will forever be a trip we take together. It’s too awesome not to.

We stayed at the Osprey, a resort in Beaver Creek. We took an 8 mile hike down the mountain, then relaxed in the hot tub. In fact, there was lots of hot tub sitting. We did some shopping, good eating (mountain oysters!!!) and football watching. It was a great time.

The day we left might have been the worst day of mine and Rebekah’s life. We both woke up around 12:30 am on Monday morning puking and such. We had to share ONE bathroom. After about 6 hours of both visiting the toilet, we decided to turn lights on and make a plan since we would be flying out that day. After calling a few places and talking it over, we decided to head to urgent care at 8:00 am, as soon as it opened.

We both got hooked up to IVs for dehydration and were given anti nausea medications for the flight. We felt better while laying down at urgent care, but as soon as got in our car to head to the airport (a 2 hr drive) we felt horrible. It just never got better. The airplane was, of course, the bumpiest it’s ever been.

Asparagus played some part in this whole ordeal, and both of us gag at the thought of that word. Too bad, I use to enjoy it.

Overall, Colorado was great, and I can’t wait to go back! Is it September 2012 yet?!

We visited Leadville, which has lots of history that includes Doc Holiday and such. The top picture was from today! The bottom picture is from the 1800s. To learn about the history of the Tabor Opera House, click here.

We love the Cherry Cricket in Denver. It’s also an annual deal. The bottom three pictures are of us eating at the Cherry Cricket.


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